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Tom Zhang

Tom has 23 years of experience. He practiced and trained in acupuncture and bone setting therapy at the Chinese College of Traditional Medicine and other institutions. Tom specializes in using acupuncture to manage pain, improve visceral problems, rehabilitate, and treat other similar problems. He focuses on scoliosis and pelvic repair but also uses acupuncture to treat overweight and beauty problems. He was also invited to popular Chinese TV shows. He works at the Arkadiankatu office.


Harri Young

Harri is a graduate of the Henan School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, majoring in acupuncture and massage. He has been practicing acupuncture massage for nearly 20 years. He has worked and taught in the acupuncture department at hospitals. Harri is a Chinese massage qualification assessor, he is a member of the Chinese Podiatry Association, where he is the director of the Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners. He specializes in the treatment of headaches, insomnia, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar spine, sciatica, arthritis, heel and other problems. He uses traditional medicine to diagnose a medical condition and cure problem acupuncture. He works at Tapiola’s office.


William Lu

William Lu is a graduate of Zhoukou University of Applied Sciences Medical School, where he combined the majors of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. He was on an internship in the Acupuncture Healing Department of the Pain Management Department of the Provincial Traditional Medicine Hospital. William has also worked in the Acupuncture and Massage Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Henan. Treating problems such as cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar bulge, sciatica, witch hazel, leg pain, knee pain, sprains, insomnia, endocrine problems, runny nose, gastroenteritis and depression. He works at the Arkadiankatu office.


Ann (Jo Ann Calinou)

Ann started working as a masseur therapist in 2013 at Al Falah Physiotherapy Center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Ann has received training education in St. Anthony College of Roxas City, Philippines, major of Physical Therapy. Massage has been her passion because it affects people’s health. She gets joy from making people feel better. All the treatments are great, but in her opinion, Meridian treatment and Aroma massage give a better connection with the client and help in treating their problems. She works in Arkadiankatu office.



Nori began massaging in August 2007 from Day Spa in Malaysia until January 2015 at Hotel Spa. She has received massage training from the Philippines, Malaysia and Helsinki (thanks to China Liangtse). Massage has been her passion because it touches people’s health. It gives her joy when people feel better. Her personal favorite treatment at China Liangtse is meridian massage. All the treatments are awesome, but she thinks the meridian treatment gives more contact with the client and helps treat their problems. She works at Tapiola’s office.


Jason Li

Jason graduated from Jilin Physical Education College in 2011, he studied exercise physiology, exercise trauma and sports massage. He joined China Liangtse in 2015 and completed a lot of training and work experience at the China Liangtse Bird’s Nest in Beijing. Jason started working in Finland in 2016, during which time the famous painter Petter Olsen and the Norwegian star Liminon liked his care a lot. Jason is very good at treating people with neck, shoulder and back pain due to prolonged standing or standing. He works at the Arkadiankatu office.


Peter Cai

Peter Cai graduated from Shandong Provincial TCM Vocational School of Acupuncture and Bone Surgery, under the supervision of Wang Shaohui, the only TCM doctor in Shandong province. He is good at manipulation therapy, foot reflexology, acupuncture and moxibustion.
He is good at treating with insomnia, female dysmenorrhea, emotional restlessness, chronic gastrointestinal discomfort, pharyngitis, rhinitis, various joint pains (cold, muscle tension, strain), minor joint disease. He works in Tapiola office.


Mia Han

Mia Han, graduated from medical college. Beautician, massage therapist, member of World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Beauty Branch, engaged in beauty and massage career for 15 years.
She is specializing in beauty massage, cosmetic Guasha etc., with professional skills to handle skin problems. Good at Chinese medicine beauty knowledge, as well as integrating acupoints, meridians and beauty equipment to balance internal and external condition.


Charith Withanage

He has over 10 years of experience as a sports physiotherapist at the
National Institute of Sports Medicine in Sri Lanka. And he developed a strong foundation in musculoskeletal and sports injury assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation. In addition to Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy, He has a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy, Massage techniques (deep tissue, trigger point, and soft tissue release), joint mobilisation, therapeutic stretching, nerve gliding, instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM), cupping therapy, dry needling, kinesiotaping, and athletic taping..He works at the Arkadiankatu office.


Alisa Cao

Alisa is a graduate of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine’s acupuncture and massage department. She has 20 years of experience in traditional medical-massage. She has worked at China Liangtse for nearly a decade as a masseuse, during which time she has been invited to an interview on Sichuan satellite TV. She specializes in using a heart rate to diagnose headaches, dizziness, and insomnia, including frozen shoulders, lumbar strain, spleen and stomach disorders, and gynecological problems.