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Facial Massage

Facial massage is an effective non-surgery treatment that reduces the signs of aging. It is based on Chinese traditional medicine principles. This acupuncture point technique improves blood flow in the face and stimulates collagen production and filling the grooves, therefore improves the elasticity of the skin, bringing it a healthy glow. Regular treatments ensure a healthier and younger skin.

(30min €49)

Foot Care

Chinese pedicure is a traditional folk technique, mainly to repair thick, inlay foot pad (callus), corn and dead skin and other common foot problems. Dry, scaly feet are a common problem. Feet are subjected to daily abuse, from undergoing the pressure of walking to being exposed to the elements.
We can help to solve
these problems.

(30min €49)

Deep Cleansing Hydrating Treatment (100min)

Deep clean pores to promote the absorption of later-step moisturizing products, increase skin moisture and restore skin health and vitality. Keep skin moist and tender and delay aging.

(100min €148)

Facial Soothing Treatment: (60min)

By using soothing massage techniques to drive away tiredness, relax stress, and improve skin absorption. Stabilize skin health, tender and firm, moisturizing, radiant and bright.

(60min €98)

Facial meridian dredging care:

Facial acu-point massage can improve facial blood circulation, accelerate metabolism. Facial scraping can promote Qi and blood circulation, dredge meridians and promote the absorption of skin care products, so to lighten spots, and make it natural, transparent and delicate.

(70min €118)

Firming Anti-Aging Care:

This treatment shrinks,tightens skin and reduces fine lines, simultaneously awakens skin elasticity, improves aging skin, and enhances facial contours. Through professional hand techniques, and usage of equipment and products, it can soothe and relax the face, neck, shoulders, arms, dredge meridians, deeply hydrate, anti-aging, firm and lift the skin, so as to improve the dryness and dullness of facial skin, restore skin tenderness.

(120min €178)

Restore your natural balance

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