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All our treatments are based on traditional Chinese medical treatments, such as acupuncture, Tui-Na, reflexology massage, Lymph detoxing massage and many other meridian massage. We can effectively help the following problems:

  • Frozen-shoulder, Neck and shoulder pain, back pain, golf elbow and tennis elbow
  • Migraine, headache
  • Insomnia, sleeping problem
  • Depression, stress, anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Facial paralysis
  • Sciatic pain and other problems of nervous system
  • Dysmenorrhea/menstrual cramps, symptoms during menopause
  • Tinnitus

Welcome to visit us, experience the treatments and enjoy well-being and positive effects on your health.

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Wide Range of

Stress-Relieving & Rebalancing Treatments


We offer a wide array of Traditional massages such as Back & Neck massage, Head & Shoulder Massage, Foot Reflexology Massage, Yin – Yang Balance and Full Body Massage at different prices to soothe your body and mind equally.

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Oil Massage

Get instant relief from our aromatic oil massages services such as Aroma Massage, Meridian Massage, CHI Balance, Lower-back and leg Massage, and different types of Lymph Massages for letting you have the best experience of your life.

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Warm treatment

Warm treatment is the ultimate heat and cold therapy to relieve aching pains in muscles and joints. We offer a range of these services such as Warm Moxibustion Treatment, Cupping, Aijiu Treatment, Jade Journey & Herbal Mud

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One of the key treatments of Traditional Chinese medicine, Acupuncture involves small needles inserted into acupoints to balance the flow of Qi in the meridians or energy channels. Two types – Acupuncture & Acupuncture + Acumassage.

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Let us take care of your beauty needs naturally with our special facial massages and foot care services, offered to give your skin the glow that it deserves and to make you look and feel young everyday as well as take care of your feet.

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“Taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to living well” – Judith Hanson Lasater

In the last 20 years of development, there are now more than 300 wellness centers established by China Liangtse Group all over China. The company has its own R&D and 3 training centers, to improve the qualified treatments to suit modern life. “China Liangtse Group” has become the market leader and has also had a great impact on the Chinese health care industry.

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About us

Founded in year 1997, China Liangtse Group is the first health care company in China, with a new model that specialise in traditional Chinese massages and therapies. As a result of the development in the last 20 years, there are now more than 300 wellness centres established by China Liangtse Group all over China. The company has its own R&D and 3 training centres, for the purpose of improving the qualified treatments to suit the modern life. “China Liangtse Group” has become the market leader and has also great impact on Chinese health care industry.

Since June 2007, the company came into Europe such as Germany, England, Netherlands and Finland, Czech republic, and last year our new wellness centre opened in Canada Toronto, and in America New York city as well. In Finland, we have 3 wellness centres nowadays located in Helsinki and Espoo. Our wide range of stress relieving and rebalancing treatments have been now well-known and popular in Finland too.

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