Oil Massage

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Aroma Massage

Aroma massage is done with calm movements & is lighter than a classic massage. It is a natural way to support the health & overall well-being of the mind & body. Aromatherapy uses therapeutic properties of essential fragrance oils extracted from organic plants. They can relieve pain & stress, remove fluids, revive hormonal activity, improve sleep quality, reduce menopausal ailments, & balance blood pressure.

(60min €89)

Jade Journey

Jade Journey is a massage incorporating traditional Chinese massage techniques with hot stones. A gentle and soothing massage brings together elements of China, shiatsu and reflexology combined with the therapeutic qualities of oriental aromatic essential oils.

It is designed to strengthen the body’s vital energy so you will emerge with renewed spirit.

(70min €95)

CHI Balance

A unique blend of Asian techniques personalized to suit your current Yin/Yang status, focusing on the earth element (building CHI), wood element (moving CHI), and fire element (clarity and peace of mind). Techniques include acupressure, energizing massage for yang stimulation, and a relaxing massage for yin calm. Pure oriental element oils are used to harmonize CHI flow. Focuses on back and stomach areas.

(50min €79)

Lower-back and leg Massage

This treatment concentrates on the low back and lower extremities. It eases back pains, back stiffness, and increases circulation of blood and qin from back to legs. This treatment is effective in the stiff low back, treating sciatic pain, heavy and tired feet, swellings of feet, and lower back, which effectively stretch, loosen, and elongate these muscles, improving pain and function in your lower
back and legs.

(50min €79)

Meridian Massage

Traditional Chinese medicine massage was specially created to harmonize and pleasantly balance the flow of chi from within. Focuses on specific meridians on the back, neck, and head areas. You will experience this massage with the therapist’s deep rhythmical strokes. Release tension and restore peace and harmony by slowly pulling off your pain through an effective extraction method.

(50 min €79)

Lymph Massage–Green Crystal:

Focus on neck and shoulders

Chamomile extract
Detoxifying the Lymphatic system, Moisturizing
Suppress allergies
Prevent pigmentation
Soothing and strengthening
the immune

(45min 580€/ 5 times 129€/ 1 time)

Lymph Massage–Black Crystal:

Focus on the kidneys

Bodhi (Ficus religiosa ) extract
Supplements for positive energy,
providing anti-depression and anti-bacterial effects
Lower blood pressure, provide calming effect
Strengthen the waist, balance hormones,
prevent aging

(45min 680€/ 5 times 149€/ 1 time)

Lymph Massage–Purple Crystal:

Focus on the abdomen

Chamomile extract
Detoxifying the Lymphatic system, Moisturizing
Suppress allergies
Prevent pigmentation
Soothing and strengthening the immune system

(45min 780€/ 5 times 169€/ 1 time)

Transform your health

We are specialists in pain management and believe in transforming your health at its best through natural oil massage to transform your health at its best.

Clinical & Outcome-Based

Our treatment as China Liangste is totally clinical, as well as outcome-based, including oil-based applications, topical ointments, and heat therapy.

Advanced techniques designed specifically to address your pain and stress relief

Best in class services