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Warm Moxibustion Treatment

This is a special treatment with warm moxibustion tool warms after the meridian massage or body massage, balance the yin-yang and enhance the function of kidney and gastrointestinal system, also improve immunity; relieve the tension from neck, shoulder and waist, headache treatment improves sleeping in order to
relieve stress.

(20min €39)


This is a special treatment based on Chinese traditional medicine, used to promote blood circulation, eliminate cold, remove stagnant blood and treat skin diseases. Also, this is used to facilitate stagnation, respiratory problems such as colds, pneumonia & bronchitis. This treatment is also used to treat back, neck, and
shoulder pain.

(30min €49)

Traditional Medicines for treatment

Provides a deep relief in muscular aches and pains, detoxing skin, improving body metabolism and increasing circulation with the best in-house treatment.

Heal your body

The combination of warm therapies dilates and contracts blood vessels to promote circulation throughout your body; and betters your circulation.

Have a heavenly experience directly from this journey.

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