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Traditional Chinese Massage

Back and Neck Massage

An ancient massage technique that stimulates the meridians, the energy pathways of the body. This focuses on the back, a very complex structure and the store house of stress. This massage invigorates and rebalances the well-being while releasing the tension in the neck, back and lumbar area.

( 30min 49 €)

Head and Shoulders Massage

This ancient massage employs a variety of techniques to release tension in the neck, shoulders, scalp and head. Floats tension away.

( 30min 49 €)

Facial Massage

Facial massage is an effective non-surgery treatment that reduces the signs of aging. It is based on Chinese traditional medicine principles. This acupuncture point technique improves blood flow in the face and stimulates collagen production and filling the grooves, therefore improves the elasticity of the skin, bringing it a healthy glow. Regular treatments ensure a healthier and younger skin.

( 30min 49 €)


Acupuncture is one of the key treatments of Traditional Chinese medicine. In the treatment, small and thin needles are inserted into acupoints to balance the flow of qi in the meridians or energy channels. Acupuncture is often used in general pain management as medical treatment. However, acupuncture can effectively be used to treat various other problems like frozen shoulder, migraine and other headaches, constipation, poor digestion, depression, insomnia, arthritis, facial paralysis, sciatic pain, and other problems of the nervous system.

( 30min 49 €)

Acupuncture + Acumassage

This treatment combines traditional Chinese Tuina-massage and acupuncture. Acupuncture is used to treat health issues. Massage provides extra relaxation and promotes general feeling of well being.

( 50min 75 €)


This is a special treatment based on Chinese traditional medicine, used to promote blood circulation, eliminate cold, remove stagnant blood and treat skin diseases. Additionally, this is used to facilitate in treating stagnation, respiratory problems such as colds, pneumonia, and bronchitis. This treatment is also used to treat back, neck, and shoulder pain.

( 30min 49 €)

Warm moxibustion treatment

This is a special treatment with warm moxibustion tool warms after the meridian massage or body massage, balance the yin-yang and enhance the function of kidney and gastrointestinal system, also improve immunity; relieve the tension from neck, shoulder, and waist, headache Treatment improves sleeping in order to relieve stresses and help functions of uterus and ovary and male disease.

(20min 39 €)

Foot reflexology massage

The therapist works on specific reflex points in the feet using thumb pressure. Activating these reflexes helps improve circulation and promote relaxation

(50min 62 €)

Aijiu treatment

According to some studies, the Chinese mugwort leaf has antibacterial and antiviral effects. What’s more, mugwort leaf has some other effects. For example,it is good at the treatment of asthma, cough and expectorant;it has the effects of hemostasis, anticoagulation, staying calm, antianaphylaxis as well as the protection of liver and cholecyst. In 45 minute program, it includes 15 minute massage and 30 minute in one body area of your choice by Aijiu instrument.

(45min 69 €)

Meridian massage

A river is good way to understand meridians. We usually say “water flows in the river.” What exactly is a river? There is water, and there is a riverbed where the water flows. Riverbeds are places where water flows, and water flows in riverbeds. Which came first?

It is the same idea with meridians. Meridians are where the Qi flows, and Qi flows in meridians. Traditional Chinese medicine massage especially created to harmonies and pleasantly balance the flow of chi from within. Focuses on specific meridians on back, neck and head areas also including head massage. You will experience this massage, with the therapist’s deep rhythmical strokes. Release tension and restoring peace and harmony.

( 50min 79 €)

CHI Balance

A unique blend of Asian techniques personalized to suit your current Yin/Yang status, focusing on the earth element (building CHI), wood element (moving CHI) and fire element (clarity and peace of mind). Techniques include acupressure, energizing massage for yang stimulation and a relaxing massage for yin calm. Pure oriental element oils are use to harmonize CHI flow.

(50min 79 €)

Lower-back and leg massage

This treatment concentrates on low back and lower extremities. It eases back pains, back stiffness and increases circulation of blood and qin from back to legs. This treatment is effective in stiff low back, treating sciatic pain, heavy and tired feet, swellings of feet and lower back.

(50min 72 €)

Fullbody massage

The zen-style of the tuina massage is a full body massage. Its intention is the recovery and revival of new energy. Body and skin may unwind and come up to a positive intensification of qi. Our techniques will bring you to the same level as meditation.

(60min 85 €)

Jade Journey

Jade Journey is a massage incorporating traditional Chinese massage techniques. A gentle and soothing massage brings together elements of China, shiatsu and reflexology combined with the therapeutic qualities of oriental aromatic essential oils. It is designed to strengthen the body’s vital energy so you will emerge with renewed spirit. An ancient massage technique using a combination of hot stones heated in oils and herbs to ground the body and restore vitality.

(70min 95 €)

Yin-yang balance

After a long and tiresome journey or a hectic day, this treatment will help to relieve muscular aches and pains and assist your body’s natural healing. We recommend this perfect combination of foot reflexology massage and full body massage.

( 100min 139 €)

Herbal mud treatment

Combined traditional Chinese acupoint massage (tuina) with herbal mud. Natural volcanic mud enriched with more than ten different Chinese medicinal herbs, such as snow lotus, saffron, Angelica sinesis, and Szechuan lovage. The heat emitted from the volcanic mud, combined with the exceptional penetrating power of Chinese medicinal herbs, helps open up blocked meridians, eliminate toxins, and relieve chills. It also facilitates metabolism, gives a boost to the immune system, and improve both blood and lymph circulation. It alleviates muscle cramps, enhances skin metabolism, and helps to clear inflammation, congestion, and pathogenic agents from the body. At the same time, it can increase secretion of sweat and other waste products, soothe the nervous system, and ease pains.

( 80min 139 €)

Lymph Massage

Green Crystal: Focus on neck and shoulders

45 min

  • Chamomile extract
  • Detoxifying the Lymphatic system, Moisturizing
  • Suppress allergies
  • Prevent pigmentation
  • Soothing and strengthening the immune system

( 580€/ 5 times 129€/ 1 time)

Lymph Massage

Black Crystal: Focus on the kidneys

45 min

  • Bodhi (Ficus religiosa ) extract
  • Supplements for positive energy, providing anti-depression and anti-bacterial effects
  • Lower blood pressure, provide a calming effect
  • Strengthen the waist, balance hormones, prevent aging

( 680€/ 5 times 149€/ 1 time)

Lymph Massage

Purple Crystal: Focus on the abdomen

45 min

  • Ginseng extract
  • Activates intrauterine circulation
  • Prevent cold uterus and balance menstruation
  • Moisturizing
  • Accelerate cell proliferation and metabolism, adjusting endocrine

(780€/ 5 times 169€/ 1 time)


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