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Fullbody massage

The zen-style of the tuina massage is a fullbody massage. Its intention is the recovery and revival of new energy. Body and skin may unwind and come up to a positive intensification of qi. Our techniques will bring you to the same level as meditation.

60 min 85 €

Back & Neck Massage

Based on Acu-point pressure massage techniques, which stimulate the meridians, the energy pathways of the body. This focuses on the back, a very complex structure, & the storehouse of stress. This massage rebalances the well-being while releasing the tension in the neck, back & lumbar area.

30 min 49 €

Yin-Yang Balance

After a long & tiresome journey or a hectic day, this treatment will help to relieve muscular aches-pains & assist your body’s natural healing. We recommend a perfect combination of foot reflexology massage & full-body massage. Get the best treatment & get rid of your hectic mindset with our Yin-Yang Balance Treatment

100 min €139

Foot Reflexology Massage

The therapist works on specific reflex points in the feet using thumb pressure. Activating these reflexes circulation and promote relaxation to all parts of your body.

50 min €69

Head and Shoulders Massage

Based on Acu-point pressure massage techniques to release tension in the neck, shoulders, scalp, and head. Floats tension away and relieves headaches at their

30 min €49

Cupping treatment

A special treatment used to promote blood circulation, eliminate cold, remove stagnant blood and treat skin diseases. Also, this is used to facilitate stagnation, respiratory problems such as colds, pneumonia & bronchitis,back, neck and shoulder pain.

30 min €49

Warm Moxibustion Treatment

This is a special treatment with warm moxibustion tool warms after the meridian massage or body massage, balance the yin-yang and enhance the function of kidney and gastrointestinal system, also improve immunity; relieve the tension from neck, shoulder and waist, headache treatment improves sleeping in order to
relieve stress.

(20min €39)

Soothing heavenly services

The traditional spa massage helps to soothe your mind and relax your body at the best to give your life the calmness it deserves and the care it needs

Luxury & Cleanness Personified

Our services at China Liangtse come with a tag of luxury as well as cleanness with the impeccable professionalism of our staff.

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